About Bed Bugs

Small and oval insects who suck the blood of humans or animals who have warm-blood are bed bugs. They hide in suitcases, shoes, and cracks so that remain close to the food i.e. humans. They love to hide in places like a mattress and areas like folded beds or in the legs of the beds. They love to hide in cars, home or buses. They come out in the night to suck the blood. They usually take 5 to 10 minutes to engorge with blood. After sucking blood, they move away from the place and hide at some other place for 5-10 days. They digest meal, mate and lay eggs.

bed bugsThey suck blood at night when you are sleeping at night. Many bedbugs bite are painless when they bite but later skin gets itchy. Bedbugs bite on ankles or the skins where you don’t have clothes. They don’t have red spots. Sometimes people can’t recognize the bites of the bedbugs, you should learn to identify the bugs.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

Bedbug usually bites the faces, neck, hands, and arms. The most common signs are small, flat or raised bumps; redness, swelling, and itching. The areas can sometimes become infected. Sometimes bites come out after 14 days. Sometimes you can misunderstand those signs with the bites of the mosquito.

Treatment For Bedbugs

There is no special treatment for bedbug bites. You can use steroid creams if an allergic reaction occurs. Some infections may require antibiotics.

Home Remedies

You can use a paste made of baking soda and water, this can cure control itching, oatmeal baths. Many home remedies include medications.

Prognosis of bedbug bites

These bedbug bites are not serious and they get heal completely. These can be serious when you have allergic reactions but this is not in all only some cases are reported.

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs In Your Home

This is not so easy process, sometimes they are treated by a pest controller. They can be even in empty rooms. to get rid of the bedbugs you can use low-odor sprays or insecticides. You can use pesticides where you are suspicious of the bedbugs but pest companies will tell you where the exact bedbugs are. Pest companies recommend to do scrubbing infested surfaces to remove their eggs from bed cracks or mattress. You cannot use pesticides in mattress so you have to throw away those infected mattress.


You can take prevention by trying not to sleep with lights on the room. You should use insect repellent at night. You should always keep your room always clean and should not bring any old furniture in your house. When you go out for holidays you keep your clothes in the cupboards and bedbugs can enter your clothes. After coming from vacation you should wash your clothes in hot water but it will not kill bedbugs, after that dry your clothes in sun shine.

These were the tips for bedbug bites. You can easily get rid of these bedbugs with just some precautions mentioned above. You can also identify the signs of the bedbug bites.

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